I wanted to share a bit about what lead me to start my nutrition career and create ‘Abby Shaw Nutrition’.

Back when I was younger I represented New Zealand in swimming. My highlights were winning Age Group and Open National titles in 50m, 100m and 200m Butterfly events. Unfortunately, over-training and lack of proper nutrition lead me to gain a stress fracture in my lower back whilst preparing for the 2012 London Olympic trials. This meant I had to take months out of the water and restrict exercise.

At that time my life revolved around swimming and I struggled with letting this go and even more with changing my nutrition, going from 10 plus sessions a week to nothing. Let’s just say I learnt quickly that I couldn’t have two breakfasts in the morning!

Once I got over that hurdle I chose not to feel sorry for myself, but instead to refocus my energy into study, where I successfully completed a degree in Sports and Exercise Nutrition at Otago University.

Over the last few years I have worked with a number of clients from those wanting to lose weight, tone up and feel great to more high performing athletes.

One comment I find clients saying a lot is that “Nutrition is confusing”. So that’s where I come in and make life easier for them.

My vision is to find sustainable eating habits for clients that will work for individual lifestyles and sporting needs. Losing body weight/ fat and keeping it off shouldn’t mean that you have to feel hungry and low in energy 24 hours a day. Food should be seen as a way to nourish you and should be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Additionally with sports nutrition, making smart choices about the type, timing and quantity of food and fluid to eat and drink can all play a role in achieving your best. Food and fluid can be used in such clever ways to manipulate our shape in response to training.

If you are someone who finds nutrition confusing, wanting to perform your best at sport or need some easy tips and ideas to eating and living well please get in touch.

Stay healthy!