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Healthy Tips For 2018

We always wait until the New Year to set goals, why not plan ahead?


I want to share my healthy tips for 2018…


1. Think about making healthy lifestyle changes and NOT weight loss goals. This will make it a lot easier to maintain a healthy weight all year round. It may seem frustrating to lose weight slowly but it works, trust me! The best success that I have had with clients is when they make small changes to their diet over time. Don’t be fooled by the newest fad diet of 2018, whatever it may be!


2. Make your goal a positive action. Instead of saying you will ‘cut out sugar’ focus on adding more vegetables to your diet.


3. Reward yourself with things other than food, such as a new pair of Lululemon pants or a manicure. This will help you stick to your healthier habits, with a bonus of looking amazing at the gym!


4. Don’t fall into the ‘what the hell effect’. If you are trying to make healthier choices DON’T stress out if you have treat foods and think you have ruined your success. So many times I hear clients say they have some chocolate and then think they have ruined their ‘diet’ so they go all out and binge. Having a few treats in your diet is not the end of the world, try to enjoy your food and have a positive relationship with it! Your body will love you for it.


5. Make sure you are getting enough sleep a night. Where you can, practice sleep hygiene – try to avoid using your laptop/ cell phone in bed, avoid stimulants (caffeine/ sugar etc.) before bed, set a bed routine where you try to go to bed and get up at the same time, be physically active during the day and get out in the natural sunlight and try to be comfortable in bed. A really cool app that I find works well for clients sleep issues is ‘Head Space’. Try it.


6. Mix it up! Both with food and exercise. If one of your goals is to join a gym or do more exercise this year try to mix it up. Do a variety of cardio and resistance training, even 20min will make a difference. Also keep your food exciting, there are so many cool healthy recipes out there these days why not try something new.


I hope this helps. If you are after more tips or guidance around your diet, email or call 0273217271.

Happy 2018!





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