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Weight loss tips

Weight loss


When it comes to weight loss, too often I hear people looking for the next ‘quick fix’ diet or weight loss supplement to drop weight over a short period of time. It does sound appealing and an easy option for some, but it rarely works. Trust me, if it did I would be out of a job!


Making sustainable lifestyle changes and adopting healthy habits that promote long-term weight control and health is the secret pill. It may not sound sexy or appealing, but it is the one method we know that works.


Here are my tips to making some lifestyle changes:

Be patient – losing more than 1kg of weight a week is hard to maintain and you will reach a plateau. Don’t be frustrated if one week you are losing weight and the next you lose nothing, give your body time to adjust.


Ditch the scales – instead of focusing on the numbers on the scales, see how your clothes feel, do you have more energy, are you are sleeping better, are you able to get through the afternoon without crashing at 3 pm?


Look at what you are drinking– look at how much water you are having in a day. Is your pee a pale yellow colour? Try to refrain from drinking your calories.


Eat whole foods – don’t get caught up with the newest of super-foods, the next replacement drink or weight loss pill (remember there large companies profiting behind the scenes). Eat whole foods and try to limit packed processed foods.


Be honest with yourself – ask yourself are you eating to nourish your body or eating/ drinking because of stress or out of boredom.


Practice mindful eating – this is a powerful tool when it comes to weight loss. Take time when you eat, savor flavors of foods and remove yourself from distractions when eating (eat away from TV’s, your phone, work computer).


Enjoy what you eat – when you want to lose weight you shouldn’t have to eat boring, flavorless meals. There are so many healthy meal ideas out there to choose from, or alternatively, have a chat to me about some meal ideas. I am happy to help.


If you need to, use an expert – qualified nutritionists and dietitians are there to support and guide you in a positive direction towards your weight loss goals. Rather than following the next ‘fad’ reach out to a professional that will help to create sustainable lifelong habits.


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